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Did you know that men generally have thicker facial skin than women? Though everyone’s skin thins out naturally with age, a man’s skin does so faster. We also have larger pores than women and that means more sebum (sebaceous fluid) and therefore oilier skin. This fact, unfortunately, doesn’t change as we grow older. And, of course, decades of shaving are rough on a man’s skin, taking a harsh toll on its potential shine and smoothness. Neptune skin care products contain botanical elements that are compatible with a man’s skin type to enhance its natural appearance, and they’re always ‘Fragrance’ free. And when it comes to facial hair, be it a beard, a moustache, or a goatee, they all require some tender loving care; don’t forget – there’s skin under there!

Neptune Grooming’s range of products provide a variety of face care options for older men. Add them to your already well-established retinue of skin care and you’ll notice a marked improvement in your skin’s luster, tenor, and all-around health. Use the full regimen of Neptune Grooming and your face will thank you every time you look in the mirror.