About Neptune Grooming.

Taking care of our appearance brings an easy confidence and a simple sophistication – in both social and professional situations. And looking our best means feeling our best.

As men age, our skin and hair lose some of their youthful vibrancy. But maturity brings many compensations. Many men are at their best with salt and pepper hair and weathered skin lending an air of distinction and stability.

At Neptune Grooming we believe in enhancing our natural maturity rather than trying to recapture the glow of youth. We celebrate the over-40s, the over 50s, and the over 60+s. We cater to men who want to give nature a little helping hand as she takes her course.

Neptune Grooming offers skin care, beard and shaving care and quality colognes that complement our natural aging process. We use natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. And they will always look great on your bathroom shelf.

Neptune products are manufactured using the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Manufacturing is ISO 22716 certified, FDA registered, and is completed in GMP-compliant facilities in the USA.

Keep in touch.

At Neptune we committed to providing new personal care and grooming products for mature men and to enhancing our existing formulations. We would like to stay in touch and keep you informed of the latest developments.